Discover Palermo with Domenico Aronica, a local Professional Photographer and licensed Tour Guide

My name is Domenico Aronica and I have a deep knowledge of Palermo’s history. I’m a professional photographer and a licensed Tour Guide. My fine art photos have been exposed in Italy and abroad (Cairo, Budapest, Berlin, Copenhagen, Warsaw). I run Walking Tours in Palermo which are a good mix of history and food. During your stay in Palermo, I can also show you some of my fine art photos. My photos, limited edition, are available in medium or large size for interior design (prices from 50 euros).

Il mio nome e’ Domenico Aronica, sono un attento conoscitore della storia, dell’arte di Palermo e organizzo dei Walking Tour incentrati sulla storia, architettura e sul cibo di strada a Palermo. Sono un fotografo professionista e una Guida Turistica autorizzata. Le mie fotografie sono state esposte in Italia e all’estero (Cairo, Budapest, Berlino, Copenaghen, Varsavia). Durante il vostro soggiorno palermitano è possibile mostrarvi alcune delle mie fotografie artistiche. Le mie fotografie, a tiratura limitata, sono disponibili in medio o grande formato per arredamento di interni (prezzi a partire da 50 euro).


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P.s.: Please make sure to hire a Licensed Tour guide. According to the Italian law, licensed tour guides must carry a visible RED badge. The RED badge license is mandatory to lead any type of tour.

Other tours:

-Authentic side of Palermo: If you like photography we can also walk around the city, discovering the authentic side of Palermo, giving you a lots of chances to take pics and taking you deep into the local scene (Private tour only).

-Jewish District: We will visit the area of the jewish district before the spanish domination in Palermo (Private Tour only).

-Tour esclusivo: Una giornata (7 ore) alla scoperta di luoghi insoliti, musei e dimore storiche (solo in italiano e solo come tour privato).

-Tour del mistero: Vi mostrerò luoghi a Palermo dove il rapporto tra vita e morte è molto particolare (solo in italiano e solo come tour privato).


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Arab Norman Unesco sites and Art Nouveau in Palermo

The Normans ousted the Arabs from Sicily in 1090, they were impressed by what they found, and rather than destroying Arabic culture, they embraced it. The Normans used Arabs craftsmen to build monuments and churches. The Palatina Chapel, an amazing chapel with byzantine mosaics, built under Roger II. The Cathedral and cloister in Monreale are great examples of this style. The churches of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Martorana, San Cataldo, are crowned with a series of red domes mounted on cubic towers. Zisa and Cuba, built by William II, were clearly inspired by Fatimid period buildings in Cairo. While these are all in Palermo, there are many other splendid examples in Sicily, including the Cathedral of Cefalù. Arab-Norman sites in Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale, proclaimed World Heritage sites by Unesco in 2015.

Palermo is also an Art Nouveau style city. At the beginning of the XX century, many theatres and villas were buildt in Art Nouveau, thanks to the work of the architect and designer Ernesto Basile, committed by the famous Florio family.

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