Street Food Tour Palermo

According to the newspaper Forbes, Palermo is one of the World’s top 10 cities for Street Food. In Palermo Street Food would be “Pani ca meusa” (cooked spleen inside a sandwich), “Panelle” (fried chickpea flour), “arancina” (rice ball with meat or ham and cheese), sfincione (focaccia with onion and tomato). Palermo is famous for Cannoli, (crispy cookie stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese) and also for ice cream.

Panelle e crocchè, pani ca meusa (milza), sfincione, arancina. Ecco, questo è il tipico cibo di strada palermitano. Palermo è quinta nella classifica mondiale dello Street Food secondo la rivista americana Forbes. Palermo è inoltre famosa per il Cannolo alla ricotta e il gelato.

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Cefalù and Madonie Mountains

In Sicily there are many beautiful towns settled in such amazing landscapes. The countryside, like Madonie Mountains, is an area where people live and work, not just a natural reserve, meaning that you can combine hiking with visits to historic towns and meals in some of Sicily’s best places (visit Castelbuono). Cefalù is a fantastic medieval town by the sea, 90 km far from Palermo, with a great Arab-Norman Cathedral (Unesco site with Palermo and Monreale).

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